Calendar changelog 0.2

We have some very good news for you. We added few useful things and we hope you all will like them.


*User registration.
*Title filters.
*Added info about TV and Airtime on popups.
*Little “design” change.

User Registration

*Changeable settings which are remembered on you account.
*Title filters also remembered on your account.
*You can mark the titles you’ve watched already by clicking on this icon. (Remembered by the account).


*Some admins stuff
*Better compatibility with Opera and IE.

So now, run and register your accounts, and play with our new functions ;-). Meanwhile give us a little more time to fill up Airtimes (hour) and TV stations.

And remember, if you don’t register an account and you wont be logged in your settings wont be remembered if you close the page!

5 Responses to “Calendar changelog 0.2”

  1. BoB3R Says:

    I was thinking that it was nice idea for giving the 1st episode other marker but what about last episode? It would be nice to show (according to ANN ofc) the last episode of anime with other marker then normal. I’ve got one more thing to suggest if it’s possible when i click on the marker and it change to green but it’s nice coz i can only do quick look on calendar and i can see when it will be but ofc if im watching week after week the same anime why dont u add option that when i click 2 times on the marker it will change the colour for all of this serious episodes in the calendar it would be faster then marking all the episodes week after week =]
    Sorry for my English i hope u will understand what am i trying to say to you hehe

    I’m posting it here because there is some problems with conntact i think “ask” file is missing =P

  2. admin Says:


    Thanks for telling us that our contact form isn’t working. (its all right now, thanks to you :) )

    About the calendar. In the next update (changelog 0.3) there will be a few HUGE improvements and we hope you all will love them. One of them are “last episodes” so you don’t have to worry :)

    The second part, if i correctly understand i can tell you this:
    The “green marker” - in example: You finished watching bleach 166 so you can go to the calendar page and mark this episode. This function is like a reminder which reminds you that you watched this anime already.

    About the double click: If you want to “mark” the titles/anime that only you watch you don’t have to mark them as “already watched”. Just go to the filters page ( remember to be registered) and mark there the titles you are currently watching.

    If something is still unclear or this is not what you mean please try one more time :D

  3. BoB3R Says:

    Thank you for replay and for reading my ideas hehe i know every thing now, if i get any more ideas i will send them on mail nest time =]

    PS. Is any one some times on the IRC channal? =P I rly dont knwo how u get Q there hehe

  4. BoB3R Says:

    Sorry for another post but i cant(?) edit my last coment i used the filter but in my opinion it shouldn show only anime that ive selected but only change the color of it on calendar or just give such a option it’s only my idea so dont bother much about it im only saying that it would be nice idea becose when i see calendar i would like to see all anime that u got and when it’s going to be aired and my “tracking” anime list that it showed fo example in red coloure. One more thing i dont know if it’s my new Opera problem but im geting Loged out from the site it’s some times 2-3 times of clicking on other links on website

    Nice work on the calendar if u need any help about somthing just say it will, if it will be in range of my power i will be hapy to help =]


  5. admin Says:

    Sad to say but right now our IRC channel isn’t so much important for us so we rarely sit there.

    Don’t worry about posts, we like to read :)

    About the filters, we’ll think about adding “change color only” function but i cant promise you anything right now.

    Opera problem - tested and it looks OK so this can be individual (only yours) problem, but we will keep that in mind.

    And thanks, we’ll remember you if we will need help.